km3 copyColouring

Here at Head Office we are passionate about colour.

All the staff has a vast understanding of the theory and application in great detail allowing them to make the right choices when it comes to your hair colour.

A little colour can make a big difference, bringing a hair cut to life.

We create sophisticated timeless looks that accentuate your hairstyle skin tone and eyes, making you look your best.

Head office has a full range of L’Oreal professional colours, including INOA the 100% ammonia free permanent hair colour that is both kinder to your hair and scalp.

A simple skin test is necessary 48 hours prior to any permanent or semi colour service.



High Lights or Low Lights

If you’re looking to brighten up your hair or simply a colour change, then high lights or low lights will enhance any hairstyle, giving added depth and movement to your style.

High lighting is our most popular colour service at head office. From timeless blondes to honeys caramels and vanillas, this will offer endless options when choosing colour suited to you and your skin tone.

Not just for our blonde bombshells low lights gives you the opportunity of natural looking shades, with tones ranging from coppers and gold’s to the vibrant reds, this technique will transform your hair and style.


Ombre,  Dip Dye

Add a gorgeous new style to your look with salon professional  Ombre or dip dye.

Right now this hairstyle is one of the hottest trends in hairdressing, this is because it’s so versatile.

A true modern classic within the world of coloured hair. This celebrity inspired look will enhance the depth and dimension of your style. This bright bold and eye-catching colouring technique has the power to wow.

Chose from a wide range of dip dyes from red to blonde and all colours in-between.

Speak to a stylist at Head Office and they’ll create a look that’s as unique as you are.


Kevin-Murphy-Hair-Care-Products copyCutting

Hair cutting is an art form. It gives shape and structure to hairstyles; its purpose is to enhance your appearance.

Without a good professional cut, styling has no basis. When designing a cut you need

  • Creativity
  • Precision
  • Texture

We pay the upmost attention to detail, not only towards the actual cut, but also to the needs of our clients.

At Head Office it’s our belief that’s cuts should look great and offer day-to-day practicality.