All Prices on our price list include consultation, shampoo, conditioners, refreshments and vat.

A comprehensive range of hair care products to help your hair at home is available – ask your hairdresser for advice

Salon Director
cut and finish 51.00
re-style 58.00
blowdry/styling 26.00
blowdry/styling long 28.00
blowdry/curling 34.00
men and children under 12 36.00
Creative Hair Designer
cut and finish 48.00
re-style 55.00
blowdry/styling 25.00
blowdry/styling long 27.00
blowdry/curling 32.00
men and children under 12 33.00
Hair Designer
cut and finish 40.00
re-style 46.00
blowdry/styling 20.00
blowdry/styling long 22.00
blowdry/curling 28.00
men and children under 12 23.00
Colour Enhancers
full color change/colour correction
colour specialist by quotation
colour technician by quotation
re-growth permanent colour
semi permanent 26.00
refresh 10.00
Woven Highlights
full head 46.00
half head 36.00
hair line 26.00
extra color/ toner 11.00/16.00
balayage/ombre 65.00
Permanent Wave
luxury curls 44.00
Hair up
Hair up/Wedding hair by quotation
lanza treatments from 6.00
moroccan oil from 4.00
pro-fibre from 10.00
kevin murphy treatments from 4.00
smart bond from 10.00

please give 24 hours notice of cancellation as missed appointments may result in a 50% charge of any services reserved.